Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Core Values

We live the following shared values as part of CinKoon Positive Working culture:


  • Good control of processes with Integrated & Coordinated Systems.
  • Effective Problem Solving with Prompt Communication.


  • Trust & Respect.
  • Effective Communication & Mutual Understanding.


  • Observing time-line and strive for on-time delivery.
  • Health & Peak Performance.


  • Self-Motivation & Fulfilment.
  • Hardworking & Disciplined.

Customer Oriented

  • Consistency with Flexibility for Customer Confidence.
  • Continuous Improvement in satisfying Customer Expectations.


“To enable Better Building Construction with Reliable Material & Trusted Services.”

Vision 2015

“Leading Brand in Malaysia for Building Materials with Highly-effective System.”

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As the trusted name in Malaysia's building materials industry, we are constantly searching for innovative products and solutions. If you are interested to have us promote your products, let us help you here. 

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At Cinkoon, we are passionate about growing Malaysia's building materials industry through establishing long-lasting business networks. Be a part of this network today.