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We constantly endeavour to develop new business relationships with legitimate businesses who will be able to take our products to the next level.

Our experience in Cinkoon has enabled us to be able to determine product marketability and suitability. The products that we carry are of reliable brands and top-notch quality, and our personnel provides support in terms of technical and sales to our distributors. Therefore, you are assured of the potential for massive sales, new revenue streams and customer confidence.

We believe in mutual growth and beneficial partnerships. If you are interested in expanding your business or starting a new career, contact us today.

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As the trusted name in Malaysia's building materials industry, we are constantly searching for innovative products and solutions. If you are interested to have us promote your products, let us help you here. 

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At Cinkoon, we are passionate about growing Malaysia's building materials industry through establishing long-lasting business networks. Be a part of this network today.